Counting an 8 deck shoe

counting an 8 deck shoe

And lastly would you even bother trying to count cards in a six-deck game? . The game is dealt face up from an 8 deck shoe, with the cut card appearing after.
In a typical 6 deck shoe, each additional true count point gives the player a 0.5% advantage. When the shoe True count + 8 or more, bet 5 times your base unit.
Las Vegas discussion forum - Card Counting, 8 deck & cutting card, page 1. And for example, a dealer started with a new shoe. And out of  Employees card counting? - Blackjack - Gambling - Page.
Have I got this right? In my opinion, this strategy is too difficult to use. This is an oversimplified method of counting cards. Let's ignore the house edge for the sake of simplicity. It is just as easy to count one deck as it is to count . Dragon Bonus baccarat card counting counting an 8 deck shoe