Reel to reel to cd seattle

reel to reel to cd seattle

CD'S into mp3 format! * Cassette Tapes; * LP's; * * * * Reel to Reel Recordings (specialty format, non-standard pricing); Microcassette Tapes.
SEATTLE, WA We can transfer most open reel or cassette and micro- cassette to CD, computer WAV files or mp3 for easy distribution and years We use premium quality CD and DVD stock to ensure consistent high quality transfers.
CD size record player Tape speeds go from (inches per second) to 30 and reel sizes range from 3 to 14" diameter. .. Seattle, WA.

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Library of Congress to the producing or holding company which created the content in question — these are not transferred to you upon purchasing a commercial videotape or cassette or professionally-released movie that you might purchase at a retail store, for example. Please see the " Recording Studio " section. We can transfer the following audio formats:. Audio Transfer to CD. Let us take those relics and turn them into priceless modern treasures! PAL is a European format tape — we only transfer PAL VHS or PAL VHS-C to DVD. We can also clean 1787 in Brazil up redcuing or emimating pops and click entrily. As business owners, we have to err on the side of good judgment and must play it safe. Included for all videotape. We can duplicate your CDs and DVDs, whether it be one or two or hundreds and even thousands of copies at a reasonable price with fast turn-around time. We can preview your unknown tapes.