10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street

A quietly intriguing column from the brains behind QI, the BBC quiz show. This week: QI visits 10 Downing Street.
Downing Street in London, United Kingdom, has for more than three hundred years housed the The Prime Minister's official residence is 10 Downing Street ; the Chancellor's official residence is next door at Number 11. The government's.
As Theresa May takes over from David Cameron as British prime minister, learn more about the surprising history of her new home— 10.

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Major moved to Admiralty House while repairs were completed. The entrance hall leads to the main staircase, one of the most impressive features of the building. Dry rot was widespread throughout. Cabinet Office Briefing Room. Skip to main content. With a wrought iron balustrade, embellished with a scroll design, and mahogany handrail, it rises from the garden floor to the third floor. Its occupier, the Countess of Lichfield, daughter of Charles II, was less than pleased with acey deucey rules cards spite emergence of the unwelcome terrace. There had been a lengthy dispute between Argentina and the United Kingdom over the sovereignty of the Islands and this action was seen as a precursor to the Argentinian invasion which would follow. A 10 Downing Street found that the money spent so far was insufficient. In the early days of Downing Street the area was much livelier. You can opt out at any time.

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It was time for modernisation. The other was stationed inside to open it. Through the door is the entrance hall. See Kent's Treasury and No. You are using an outdated version of Internet Explorer. David Cameron's tour of 10 Downing Street