Live stream election

live stream election

Election Day Live Stream and Poll Closing Times. November 8, It's been literally years in the making, but we've finally arrived at Election Day in.
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PST: Hillary Clinton is apparently not showing up to offer a concession speech. Makes sense. PST:The Democrats needed four. Full PBS NewsHour Election Day Coverage 2016

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My God, it could be that the only Republican Senate incumbent to lose tonight is Mark Kirk. Pence says thanks to God, introduces Trump. Alabama puts right to work in its constitution. How is Florida so close? We just don't know. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders will participate in a debate tonight being held in Miami and sponsored by Univision... THIS IS A DOGFIGHT! live stream election Voter fraud: 'This is a lie Trump told. Fox projects Clinton wins New Mexico. Mika: Trump has no humility, curiosity or. If there was ever a question of whether Clinton would come back, it has been answered, There is no "coming. MSNBC's Brian Williams takes a look. Jeffries: Steve Bannon is 'a stone live stream election racist'.