Speck iphone 6 card holder case

speck iphone 6 card holder case

The Apple iPhone 6 Plus CandyShell Card Case is the ultra-protective and durable new iPhone 6 Plus case and wallet combo from Speck.
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Ditch your purse or wallet and carry up to 3 cards and cash in the ultra-protective and durable CandyShell Card iPhone 6s & 6 case. Shop Speck Products now.
Patented design provides two layers of protection. Exterior polycarbonate layer disperses impact while interior TPE layer absorbs shock. Both the Speck and Silk cases would make excellent wallet-phone combo cases for 207 series (JR East) looking to downsize, and in a normal review both would earn a solid B grade. Galaxy Tab E Cases. Quisque sit amet mauris vehicula, fermentum lorem ac, fermentum elit. The upside of this tradeoff, obviously, is the elimination of a wallet from your list of things to carry.

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